Benchmarking and reporting

While quality and performance are related, they are not the same.

An organisation may be able to show how they align with good practice but may still fail to meet the relevant threshold requirements and expectations for performance. It can be hard to recruit support for performance targets without recourse to the kind of reference points which help them 'make sense'.

Our benchmarking and report writing services can be tailored to a variety of contexts, including:

  • Regulatory overviews and policy analysis;
  • Comparative summaries based on qualitative information;
  • Population metrics (including participation or enrolment statistics); and
  • Financial indicators.

Benchmarking can help to provide a sound basis for establishing and reviewing indicators of performance. It can also help to uncover development opportunities. Benchmarking is an invaluable tool for evidence-based decision making. It can be used to provide an overview of activity in a particular sector, as a market and competitor analysis and to establish reference-points as the foundation for identifying and rewarding good practice.

Benchmarking and reporting services to suit your needs (and budget)

We specialise in short-reports and scoping studies. Previous projects include standard report writing, qualitative and quantitative summaries to major research projects. Whether you are planning a larger project, conducting a strategic review or simply looking to inform planning and decision-making in a particular area - there is sure to be service that will suit your needs.

Service Deliverables Estimate ($AUD)
Briefing papers, short reports and preliminary summaries. Briefing paper $6,000+ (poa)
Scoping report; Preliminary benchmarking. Summary report + presentation $ 8,500+
Qualitative or quantitative comparisons with recommendations. Short report + executive summary + presentation $12,500+
Detailed reviews or comparisons involving substantial scope or complexity. Detailed report + executive summary + presentations $18,500+
Projects involving substantial information gathering, analysis, engagement or reporting activities. Full report + executive summary
+ presentations + engagement materials