Planning and engagement

Sometimes it can be a challenge arriving at a single 'right answer' to questions about quality, and understanding what quality means can vary depending on your point of view. This means that the processes and outcomes that are important for your organisation can look different from different stakeholder perspectives.

Building a shared understanding of your objectives can help in achieving your aims. Structured stakeholder engagement is a great means for achieving this and can inform every aspect of your planning and review objectives in meaningful ways.

Our planning and engagement services can be tailored to a variety of contexts including:

  • Strategic planning;
  • Change management;
  • Program development;
  • Annual reporting cycles; and
  • Accreditation and quality review.

Planning and engagement that counts

We specialise in working with member-based non-profits, peak bodies and organisations in higher education and research. Combined with our benchmarking services there is sure to be an engagement strategy that suits both your needs and your budget.

Service Deliverables Estimate ($AUD)
Half-day meeting or workshop Half-day session + facilitation + agenda $2,500+
Full day planning meeting or workshop Full-day planning session + participation materials + facilitation + agenda $4,500+
Meeting or workshop with minutes or summary Full-day planning session + participation materials + facilitation + agenda + minutes or summary $6,500+
Annual reporting Two half-day planning sessions + participation materials + facilitation + agenda + summary + annual report $10,500+
Multi-day events Multi-day planning session + participation materials + facilitation + agenda + short report $5,500 +
$3,000 per day