Quality governance

Good governance provides the foundation for success in any organisation.

However, many organisations only construe their governance obligations in terms of compliance-oriented activities that are simply 'top down' in scope. This can lead organisations to invest in expensive stop-gap measures or fall out of compliance. Failing to demonstrate good governance can leave office bearers exposed to risk and can rapidly erode goodwill among interested stakeholders.

Quality governance has a dual meaning for organisations oriented toward continuous improvement: good governance and quality assurance go hand in hand. Our governance services can be tailored to a variety of contexts, including:

  • Regular committee meetings;
  • Formal strategic planning meetings;
  • Board or executive committee meetings;
  • Annual or special general meetings (AGMs or SGMs); or
  • Elections and scrutineering.

We specialise in working with issue-based advocacy groups along with universities and public agencies. While larger organisations often need help with aspects of their governance and quality review activities, governance services can provide critical support for smaller organisations who rely on the participation their membership.

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